Providing affordable yoga classes and workshops to the Kansas City community.

Mission Statement

To edify one another

MYKC Core Values


Healing Energy

Unconditional Love

Are you ready to take your playlist to the next level? DJ Taz has included MYKC in his world tour and is going to provide a workshop that will allow you to create an inspirational playlist for all styles of classes. Friday May 18th 5:30-7:00 pm

Please pre-register here:

Energy Exchange of $20

Have you ever experienced Sound Off™ Yoga? This might be your only opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of Sound Off in Kansas City this year. Please do not miss this ohmazing experience!! Sound Off™ Yoga is a fully immersive yoga experience. These guided yoga sessions use wireless Sound Off™ headphones to connect with practitioners. External distractions are eliminated as only the music and instructor’s voice are heard through the headphones. Friday May 18th 7:30-8:30 pm

Please pre-register here:


Midtown Yoga KC (MYKC) has been selected to participate in Wanderlust 108 coming to Kansas City on May 19 at Berkley Riverfront Park in the River Market.  MYKC will be leading the AIReal yoga sessions as the only AIReal certified yoga studio in Kansas City.  During 30 minute sessions, participants will get to experience the benefits of a yoga practice in a hammock!

Plus, MYKC can enjoy a discount to the event through the link below:

Sat, May 19 from 7:30am – 3:00pm

Berkley Riverfront Park

50 Hour Aireal Training is coming September 20th-25th!!

MYKC is an Aireal licensed studio and Kerry is certified Aireal instructor with yoga alliance.

Contributions to MYKC are tax deductible!!  MYKC is a non-profit organization.

Your contribution provides yoga, meditation, mindfulness, teacher training, workshops and other health and wellness classes to benefit our community. Through your contribution, MYKC  provides yoga to everyone and never turns anyone away. We offer yoga teacher training and workshops at affordable prices to enhance the personal growth of the community. Your contribution allows MYKC to provide a variety of classes within the space of the studio and to other organizations such as Warriors’ Ascent, local hospitals, and other community activities.

Sponsor a student for 200 Yoga Teacher Training: Your sponsorship includes full tuition, all required reading material, a yoga mat, block and strap.

  • Full Contribution of $1800 or monthly payment plans
  • Partial Contribution of any amount you choose

Contribute Yoga Props: Just let us know if you want your contribution to go directly to the studio or a yogi that would benefit from personal yoga props. MYKC donates props monthly to those that have torn, worn out yoga mats or that are unable to currently afford to purchase props.

Wholesale Prices:

  • Yoga Mat $25 – $80
  • Large Bolster $34
  • Small Bolster $28
  • Single Yoga Block $9.00
  • Strap $8

Sponsor attendance in a Workshop:  Your contribution of $20 will allow one yogi to attend either free of charge or at a reduced rate depending on cost of workshop attended.

Yoga can help people that experience trauma, depression, anxiety, and offers numerous mental, spiritual and physical benefits. Your contribution today can help Veterans, children, adults and those in this community feel hope, acceptance, and love.

EIN 82-2261838

501 (c) (3)


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  • Reply to your purchase receipt with the name of who the ‘sponsor’ or ‘contribution’ should be allocated to (i.e. Please give to John Smith)
  • Contact MYKC with any issues or additional questions


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