Providing community and corporate yoga classes


Mission Statement 

Our Mission is to serve the community by providing donation-based yoga classes, workshops, teacher training and community outreach to underserved and vulnerable populations. We believe this empowers people to improve their lives and go on to edify others.

Core Values


Healing Energy

Unconditional Love



MYKC provides yoga, mindfulness, meditation and workshops. The methods we utilize make an impact that is life transforming.

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Giving Back

We believe in the goodness of people. When we connect we can love one another. MYKC collects contributions that provide people in need with Yoga Kits and free classes to assist them with the healing they Need and that we deeply believe will have an impact.

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Who Can Ve


Anyone! Whether you are looking for healing, wanting to take classes, inspired to donate Yoga Kits, or feeling ready to begin your Yoga Teacher Training, we are the place for you! 

Our Offerings

Academy of Healing at Warriors’ Ascent

Yoga Teacher Training



  • Holistic Methods to Healing
  • Self Care ≠ Selfish
  • Turning Conflict into Intimacy
  • Vision Board


  • Yoga Nidra
  • Warrior Yoga
  • Guided Deep Stretch

Our Impact

MYKC provides yoga, mindfulness, mediation, workshops and the Yoga Essential Kit to Warriors’ Ascent. The methods we utilize have been an impact that is transforming lives with this collaboration. The four year study with KU Cofrin-Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment has proven out methods of yoga, mindfulness and meditation reduce the emotional and psychological suffering of the participants and improves their sense of well being.

The results by Impact




The attendees have drastically reduced their alcohol consumption while becoming aware of their trauma based triggers. They are able to self regulate in an effective manner due to the tools they recieve during the Academy of Healing.

Our Journey

MYKC has been able to provide 30 Veterans and Essential Personnel with a Warriors Yoga Essential Kit during the fall of 2019. Contributing $55 dollars to MYKC will provide a Warriors Yoga Essential Kit to a participant attending the Warriors’ Ascent Academy of Healing. We are truly transforming lives! Someone will remind me after every Academy of Healing how we “saved their life and relationships personally and professionally”. Your contribution will help provide a solid foundation in mindfulness, meditation and yoga. The Kit includes: Manduka Yoga Mat , Two Manduka Blocks , a Prana Strap and Blanket.

Warriors Yoga

Essential Kit
Warriors Yoga Essentials Kit

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